The results for my latest set registry special submission came back today.

2 1968 SCD 8.5 converted over to SGC 96's - nobody great, but a good deal to pull 96's at $6.99 a pop + the $3.00 crossover fee.

However, my main beef is with a PSA 8 that I sent in that didn't crossover at a 88 grade. This is the second time that this has happened for me and I'm completely amazed and disappointed. I very much hope that I receive some explanation why. The last submission did not have any reason why my minimum grade was not achieved.

I think SGC should provide some feature indication why they disagree with the submitter opinion for the MIN grade.

My suggestion would be to add a check box for corners, edges, centering, focus - (these are the only reasons I can think off that would prevent a card from grading at a certain level).

This would help educate SGC's customers on a what their grading standards are. Without doing so, it appears to be a random decision by the people in NJ.

I welcome your thoughts.