here they are... my first ever submission to SGC results

1955 ed mathews-5 50/50 centeringTBLR
1955 hank aaron-3 50/50 centering TBLR
1958 willie mays-0 trimmed
1978 paul molitor-4 50/50 centering TBLR
1985 dan marino-9
1989 bb sosa-8.5 50/50 TBLR
1993 topps jeter-9
1995 columbux clippers police jeter-9
1999 sp authentic ricky williams-9
1999 spx mcnabb-9
1999 ultra platinum mcnabb-8
1999 focus mcnabb-8.5
1999 contenders holt-9
1999 contenders boston-8.5
1976 lynn swann-5 50/50 centering TBLR

Now then..i am PISSED about the mays.. never will i buy raw again. I was heartbroken to see the Focus mcnabb not made a 9.... in fact its the best focus football card ive ever seen!!!!!!!! plus i have a 8.0 that looks like [!@#%^&^] compared to it. I AM UTTERLY HEARTBROKEN ABOUT THE 8.5 SOSA. I was a kid and bought this baseball best set and put it away thinking it was worthless only to find this mint sosa later in 1999... it was like finding a treasure!!! I have a BGS 9.0 with 9s all over.. and it dont even compare to my own sosa... im not sure how it got 8.5... was a 9 or 10 in my book

other then that im happy.. didnt expect the 85 marino to come back a 9, didnt expect the holt to come back a 9, didnt expect the sp williams to come back a 9 either- i got that raw off ebay last year for 50 bucks cold before he was traded to the dolphins..unbelievable

overall im happy..but sad about the MAYS and the grade on the Sosa

I love CAKE....