We are getting the new server up and running right now. Soon we'll be briefly closing the boards to transfer the data, and then redirecting this address to the new boards.

1) For a short time (until we move the domain name) you will be redirected to an IP address instead of to "boards.collectors-society.com". But you will still be able to type that address in and use it, as we will handle the redirect for you. I'm only mentioning it because you may notice the IP address in the web address bar at the top of your browser and wonder about it.

2) UNFORTUNATELY, on the new server, the encryption of passwords has changed. This means that we cannot recover your old password. When the new site goes in, you will not be logged in, and your old password WILL NOT WORK.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO DO: Simply click "login" and use the "I forgot my Password" section on the bottom of that page. A new working password will be emailed to you. IF you would like an "easier to remember" password, be sure to go to "My Home" and click the link toward the bottom of the page next to "Personal information, email, password, etc.". You can change your password here to whatever you'd like it to be.

The new server should be great. Sorry about the inconvenience on changing passwords.

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