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I just thought I'd highlight one of the many excellent sets on the SGC registry, 7rhode 1975 Topps set. A very tough set and the builder is obviously making great progress.

Gorgeous 1975 Set

Average Weighted Set Score: 91.53
Completion: 61%
Set Superiority: 60.09
User Name: 7rhode

That's is one amazing WEIGHTED set average. The stars cards rock! Brett (10) is a SGC 92, and Yount (8) is a SGC 96. How about some scans? Your public demands it

If you are reading the Boards, how are you building your set? Purchases, direct submissions? Where do you buy your raw?
---- Matthew T. Natale Alexandria, Virginia Completed 1977 Topps Baseball SGC Graded Set, Average Grade 92.89