talk sgc into redesigning the flips. i love the holders and think they are the best in the biz.
my ideas
1 lose the web address(maybe put it on the back) and center the "SGC" on the top of the flip.
2 lose the split grade. maybe go to the 1 to 10 system with keeping the half grades.i believe this will get more people to recognize the sgc brand. especially the newer crowd.
believe it or not and i still don't, i listed a few graded cards on ebay last week for the first time in over a year. somebody asked me what psa stood for. i told him thinking it was a joke. he replied with "do they charge for this service and were are they located" he also went into detail about the thousands of cards from the 50's and 60's he had. if this was for real there are still people out there that don't know about graded cards,so why confuse them any more with the 92 = 8.5 stuff.
3 darken the font and make the number just a couple pixs bigger.
4 before i get the wrath about how everyone thinks that the holders are the best. i agree it's not the holders it the flips.

just my
Ken Griffey Jr