Its been 4 years since Ive bought or sold any sportscards and boy how things have changed! Ive noticed the prices on a lot of cards have plummeted. Examples: Tony Gwynn 1983 Topps. A few years ago this card in a PSA 10 was 2/3 thousand dollars. I can get one for a few hundred now. Same with cards of Cal Ripken, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, and many others. Is the price decrease due to all of the JUNK card grading services out there? Im kind of glad the prices have come down because now I can afford some of them! Back in the old days it was only SGC and PSA and sometimes CSA and Beckett (because they were new) that could be trusted. Now I see KRAP graded "Gem Mint" all the time and it makes me ill. I saw a card the other day (A-Rod rookie) graded a 10 by some company called BCCG?? and it was a joke. It was no better than a PSA 8 and had close to 70/30 centering from top to bottom. I was so mad I wanted to eat the card. Literally, eat the card and the plastic and paper and krap the whole thing out later that evening. Then the card would be where it belongs! What else has changed in the past 4 years?
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