70,71 (oooooo black borders!!!), 73,74,76,77,78 (all white boarders...all have same feel and to me are equally attractive.

1975....now there is a winner.. each card is its own set... WOW.... the color in that set is UNPARRALLED by any set EVER MADE

1972... butt ugly indeed... whoever designed that set should be shot on sight
1979.....why is it every time i see a 79 and that swooping T for Topps i think of KMART...and i get sick to my stomach at the CHEAPNESS...... I SEE BLUE LIGHTS!! I SEE BLUE LIGHTS!!!

52-whatever..too expensive....its classical allright..but hell..i will never own a card from this set
54-wow..classic..hope to build someday... i got a hank, al, and ernie in 7,6,6 allready!!!
55-56-ditto- i want to b uild these sets
57 to 69..... AWESOME....not a bad design in the house (1966 aint great though)....
81-poodoo... nice cheap hats... UGH!!
82-86... i love it.. 1986 has an AWESOME design.. its the black version of 1964... only there are NO Rookies in the set AT ALL!!! and its overproduced!!!
87- ive seen so many of them i get SICK every time i see them
88-89?? did topps even produce set these years?
90- nice color.. but still poodoo
91- Nice.. nice CHEAP looking 40th aniversary for me to poodoo on..way to go topps
92- not bad.. better then 91
93-not bad.. losing the 80s cherap look
94-2000.... NO IDEA.... i stopped collecting baseball completely.. too much poodoo
2001- topps heritage... UNBELIEVEABLE- i own a master set!!!
2002- topp heritage...nice... though i only bought the sosa and bonds
2003- topps heritage... i got 8 box case in my closet right now.. and will be opening that up this summer .....a case for every year after too...it dont get better then todays stars on the best card designs ever of yesteryear
I love CAKE....