is now 2 weeks from "go-live" date. It will be a completely free, donation-run site. If you like it and it makes you money, skip a coffee one day and drop a quarter in the mail. If you think it sucks or you don't feel like giving, then don't.

When we go live we've got some giveaways to the top listers and buyers planned (First to list 300 items, first to list 500 items, first to buy 50 items, etc...) to entice both buyers and sellers alike, and we're going to promote it as best we can on our budget (which is about $300). If you want to start spreading the word, that's cool too. We have some HOF Game Used cards we're going to be giving away, 5 or 6 of them have a BV of $100 or more and others in the under-$100 range.

Right now it's in final test mode, just ironing out a few last-minute details but it IS running and some auctions ARE listed.. Again, in 2 weeks it will be live with a Grand Opening and plenty of giveaways but we'll post more info when we have it.

Remember, the site is FREE. If you make a boatload of money off it, DONATE. If you'ld rather not, then don't. IT'S ALL UP TO YOU.