I have always been kind of fond of Topps Finest a Chrome products but for some reason I can't stop buying boxes and singles from this years Finest Football release.

I was lucky enough to hit several of the better autographed rookies in boxes but I went ahead and bought the Carnell Williams out right since there were steep odds in pulling just the card I wanted from any 1 box.

I have been slowly trying to decide what type of a set I want to put together...i.e....Green Xfractor set or all of the Autographs etc. Right now I am focusing on purchasing Gold, black and green Xfractors numbered to 50 or less. I am not purchasing these as any type of investment but rather just for the joy of collecting. I have even purchasesd a 1/1 Superfractor and a nice 1/1 Framed Jerome Bettis card.

So am I nuts or are their other collectors hooked on this set?
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